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Spauda is an institutional brand in the print industry. The first in the Baltics and arguable Easter Europe, our pedigree of printing dates back to 1574. We are commercial printers that tailor each order to the specific wants and needs of the customer. Our fleet of equipment is the most advanced in the industry. Our staff is trained, skilled and experienced. We cater to high volume commercial print orders albeit no order is too small for our attention and production facility. We pride ourselves on our quality, professionalism and timely deliverance. At SPAUDA we are keen to engage with you as your one stop print source. We look forward to being of service to you.

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    Per visą šį laikotarpį galėjome tik džiaugtis tokiu bendradarbiavimu, nes AB "Spauda" ne tik pateisindavo, bet ir su kaupu įvykdydavo mūsų lūkesčius, įkvėpdama naujiems darbams ir sumanymams.
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